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Bixorama is a videogame based on an original idea by Érika G. Eguía. It explores interactive storytelling techniques in an fantasy 3D world.

It was presented as Érika's Master's Thesis in the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Coruña (Spain) in september 2010, under the direction of Javier Taibo.

It is now being developed as an open source project, under the artistic direction of Érika G. Eguía and the technical direction of Javier Taibo.

The software will be released under the GNU GPL v3 license. It is developed in C++ and relies upon the OpenSceneGraph (OSG) library. Bixorama's digital assets are created in Autodesk Maya and exported to OSG using the Maya2OSG exporter.

This technical web page will gather all the stuff about the Bixorama software development. For more information about the whole project, check the web page


2010-09-30 - Bixorama project starts!